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Karl and Annelise Uphues  GER
Long time fans, helpers and photographers who have been a great help to our MI women for many years. Their first trip was to Bled in 1995  to see Karin row at a regatta just once and, like many of us, became hooked on FISA Masters Regattas. As loyal MI supporters, they have followed us with their camper or trailer whenever they could: 1995, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006 EuroMasters, 2007, 2012 (one last time!)
Jacques '34  FRA  ("coach")
Place of Birth:  France
Language:  French
Rowed since:  1946 (on Marne River in Paris, France)
Rows:  on Lac Leman (Switzerland)
Past Rowing Achievements:  rowed for France (Bataillon de Joinville); medal in 8+ at European Championships (Bled 1956); rowed in the Olympic 8+ (Melbourne 1956); won Grand Challenge Cup at Henley (1956)
Positions of Responsibility (rowing):  professional rowing coach for S.N. de Geneve from 1982-1999; coached our Masters International crews at FISA Masters Regattas 1999-2004
Hobbies:  handyman,  taking care of his Excenevex Skiff Rowing Club
Special Comments:  Co-founder, president and coach of the rowing club "Excenevex Skiff" at Excenevex, France on Lac Leman. 

Nelly ’25   AUS

Place of Birth:  Amsterdam, Netherland
Languages: Dutch, English

Rowed: as a girl from ages 12 -22, took a break until age 50 when she rowed for four years and then started again at age 68

Rows:  on the Canning River in Western Australia (Swan River RC) 

Awards: Comes home with at least four and sometimes seven medals from the FISA regattas where she has been competing since 1997

Special Merit:   currently the oldest competing female rower in FISA

Hobbies: bridge, member of the Committee for WA Voluntary Euthanasia, friend of the WASO (Western Australia Symphony Orchestra)

Travel: will go to China in May 2006 with the WASO group and participate in the "FISA Tour 2006 Switzerland " in September.  After the FISA Masters Regattas, travels in Europe and spends two weeks in her native Netherlands; 2006 World Rowing Tour in Switzerland

Special Interests: She is a part-time model for photo and TV Ads and occasional news broadcaster for Dutch News on the Sunday afternoon Community Radio

Dora '52   SUI
Place of Birth:  Switzerland
Languages:  German, English, French
Rowed since:  1969
Rowing Club  Activities:  RC Schaffhausen seit 1990 weil es vorher keine Frauen im RCS gab (since 1990 because RCS did not allow women until then). Im Vorstand vom RC Schaffhausen seit 1991.  Im Augenblick zustaendig fuer 'Anfaengerkurse Erwachsene und Jungendliche',  'Wanderfahrten', 'Fitnessruderverantwortliche des RCS', 'Werbung Clubzeitschrift', usw
Rows:  now on the Rhein, formerly on Vierwaldstaettersee
Current Competitive Sport:  rowing
Past Sport Achievements: Schweizermeistertitel im Skiff 1977 fuer SC Stansstad. Various other wins. Erste FISA Masters Regatta-Teilnahme in Muenchen 1998 auf draengen von Tochter Barbara, die auch rudert. Diverse Siege in veschiedenen Bootskategorien; erfolgreich bei FISA Masters Regatten
Outdoor Recreational Activities:  radfahren (bicycling), wandern (hiking), schwimmen, nordic skiing, nordic walking
Hobbies:  einheimische wildwachsende Orchideen in unserer Gegend aufsuchen (look for wild orchids indigenous to our area ).
Travel:   Deutschland, Liechtenstein, Oesterreich, Italien, Frankreich, Spanien, Portugal, Holland, Belgien, Daenemark, Norwegen, Schweden, Finnland, Ungarn, Griechenland, Tschechei, Tuerkei, Aegypten, Tunesien, Kenia, Indien, Singapur, New Zealand, USA, Kanada, Chile, England, Schottland, Moskau, Croatia, Lithuania
Gail '53   VT,  USA
Place of Birth:  Plattsburgh, NY
Languages:  English
Rowed since:  1973
Rows: on Lake St. Catherine in the lakes region of western Vermont
Current Competitive Sport:  none (last competed in rowing in 2002)
Past Sports Achievements:  National Team member (' '74-' 76, ' 79); bronze in 8+ at ' 76 Olympics; silver in 2- at ' 74 Nationals; ' 79 National Single Sprint Champion; ' 99, ' 01 & ' 02 US Masters Nationals:  11 medals (6 gold, 4 silver, 1 bronze); Senior Masters 1x Champion at Head of the Potomac (' 00, ' 01, ' 02); Head of the Charles Senior Masters 1x: silver in ' 01 and bronze in ' 02; very successful at FISA Masters Regattas (2001 & 2006)
Outdoor Recreational Activities:  bicycling, downhill skiing, hiking, snowshoeing
Hobbies:  gardening
Special Interest:  volunteer work with The Nature Conservancey and local historical society
Travel:  USA, Canada, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Great Britain

Place of Birth:  Burlington, VT

Languages:  English

Rowed since:  1993 (Taught herself on a local lake with the ducks. Started racing to see how it should be done! Her 3rd race was at US Masters Nationals, resulting in a win in the WB1x, doing everything wrong except pulling as hard as she could!)

Current Competitive Sports: none at this time

Past Sports Achievements:  Reserve JR National Champ in Eventing 1967; 1st Carolina Winter Series Senior Class Champion (all men-whoops except me!) in motocross; gold in Grand Masters Women's 1x at 2002 Head of the Charles; many wins at US Masters National and head races (in 1x, 2x, 4x); very successful at FISA Masters Regattas

Past Competitive Sports:  rowing; eventing (a horse competition consisting of Dressage, Cross Country and Stadium Jumping); motocross, road bike and mountain bike racing; horse training

Hobbies:  reading Clive Cussler books; playing int he garden with her flowers and tomatos

Travel:  Austria, Ireland ;  rowing-related: Spain, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany

Additional Comment:  drove tractors and machinery in the summer to help finance her FISA Masters addiction

Special Comment:  has had several knee surgeries, finally resulting in both knees being replaced March 21, 2005. (They are doing great except they don't like to bend enough yet to race competitively. A more recent second surgery on each knee will hopefully help them to bend better.)  "I will be back!!!!

Marie-France '55  SUI

Place of Birth:  Lausanne, Switzerland

Languages:  French, some English and German

Rowing since:  1975

Rows:  on Lac Leman (Lausanne RC)

Current Competitive Sport:  none at this time

Past Sports Achievements:  Swiss champion four times between 1976 and 1983 (2x and 4x); after that successful at FISA Masters Regattas

Other sports:  tennis; as a coach by profession, takes part in all the sports taught at her school

Outdoor Recreational Activities:  windsurfing, snowboarding

Hobbies:  gardening, music (has played the flute since age 12)

Travel:  limited to France and a few European countries

Additional Comments:  married to Yves since 1978, has a son (Annick)

 Juergen '40  cox   GER

Place of Birth:  Berlin,  Germany

Languages:  German, English

Past Competiitive Sports: Rennsteuermann:  von 1957 bis 1964 beim Berliner RC, rudert jetzt auf der Doven-Elbe in Hamburg (RC Bergedorf)     

Sportliche Hoehepunkte: 1961 Europameisterschaft (Prag): 2. Platz im 8+; 1962 Weltmeisterschaft (Luzern): 1. Platz im 4+; 1963 Europameisterschaft (Kopenhagen): 1. Platz im 4+; 1964 Europameisterschaft (Amsterdam): 2. Platz im 4+;  1964 Olympiade (Tokio): 1. Platz im 4+ ;                                        

Besondere Ehrungen:  Silbernes Lorbeerblatt (Auszeichnung fuer Sportler; vom Bundespraesidenten Deutschlands verliehen) 

Other Sports:  skilaufen, laufen, rudern  (alle nur als Hobby und fuer Gesundheit)

Travel:  in europaeischen Laendern;  an Orte die reich an Architektur, Kunst und Geschichte sind, z.B. Italien, Griechenland, Spanien, Frankreich, Deutschland, Oesterreich, England

Sonstiges:  Mit seiner Frau Helga-Maria (in Berlin kennengelernt) seit 1967 gluecklich verheiratet, ein Sohn (Alexander)

Terry '57   USA
Place of Birth:  Framingham, MA (to Norwegian parents)
Languages:  English and Norwegian (dual citizen)
Rowed since:  1977
Rows:  on a scenic 21 mile canal in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan (Michigan Tech/Portage Lake RC)
Rowing Club Activities:  founder and coach for Michigan Tech Crew (est. 1995) and Portage Lake RC (est. 2001)
Current Competitive Sports: is so busy working, coaching, organizing events for others that she does not get to race often, but then it is usually cycling
Other Sports & Activities:  Certified Indoor Rowing and Spinning Instructor; rowing (May-Sept); road or mountain bike during the season, trail running, cross-country skiing; weight training, plays golf for active rest days when she has time 
Past Sports Achievements:  Dad Vail 77/78; US Nationals 77-79; Sports Festival 78/79; Team training camps 78-84; Canadian Henley 79/80/82; US Singles Trials 84; completed the ultimate cycling strength test:  Jotunheimen Rundt in Norway 2002;
Hobbies:  family, friends, volunteering, playing in Copper Harbor
Special Interests: Race Director for 2006 Copperman Triathlon, Copper Harbor, Michigan
Eva H '35   HUN
Place of Birth:  Hungary
Languages:  Hungarian, German
Rowed since:  1950,  masters since 1993
Rows:  auf der Kleinen Donau (MTK Budapest)
Competitive Sports:  only rowing
Past Sports Achievements: 8x Gold at the Masters Olympia; gold in 2006 and 2 golds in 2007 at the Hungarian National Veterans Championships;
Other Sports:  tennis, skiing
Hobbies:  reading, music theater, dancing
Travel:  Australia, Canada, Italy, USA,  plus all the countries where she competed 
Special Interest:  Eva ist auch Malerin und hatte eine Ausstellung in 2007

Eva Savel '44  GER 

Place of Birth:  Pressburg, Slowakei , wohnt seit  1968 in Deutschland

Languages:  Deutsch,  Slowakisch, Tschechisch, Russisch

Rowed:  1957-1968 in der ehemaligen Tschechoslowakei (fast alle Rennen im 1x gewonnen),  1998 zum Mastersrudern zurueckgekehrt (in Deutschland)

Rows:  auf dem  Neckar zwischen zwei Schleussen (5km)

Rowing Club Activities:  for many years Ruderschule (Stuttgart-Canstatter RC)

Current Competitive Sport:  rudern

Other Sports:  radfahren, laufen (beide fuer fitness training)

Past Sports Achievements:  2 gold medals at 2007 DRV Masters; erfolgreiche Jugendruderin; volleyball 1968-85 in der Bezirksklasse und Landesliga  (ein Jahr als Teilnehmer fuer Seniorinnen ab 30  bei den Deutschen Meisterschaften),

Outdoor Recreational Activities:  skifahren, schwimmen,

Hobbies: reisen, interessiert in Architektur, Malerei , Musik

Travel:  Polen, Ungarn, Oesterreich, Bulgarien, Rumaenien, Aegypten, Daenemark, Schottland, USA,  Deutschland, Slowakei, Tschechei,  Frankreich, Schweiz, Lichtenstein, Italien, Tuerkei, Griechenland, Spanien, Holland, Belgien, Marokko, Tunesien, Canada, Kroatien, Litauen

Vivienne '34  CAN
Place of Birth:   Richmond, Yorkshire, England
Languages:  English, reasonable French
Rowing since:  2000
Rows:  on Elk Lake, Victoria, BC, Canada (Victoria City RC)
Competitive Sports:  rowing
Other Sports:  squash, tennis
Past Sports Achievements:   some success in squash and tennis;  3 golds at the 2005 Edmonton World Masters Games; 4 golds  & 1 silver at the 2007 British Columbia Championships; 3 golds at the 2007 US Northwest Rowing Championships; 2 golds and 2 silver at the 2007 Canadian Masters; silver at the 2007 Head of the Lake (Seattle); gold at the 2007 Head of the Gorge (Victoria)
Hobbies:  gardening, knitting, sewing, crafts, reading, music & dance, theater & opera
Travel:  grew up in India and Burma; moved back to UK in '47; came to Canada in '59; Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Scotland, Ireland, USA. Lithuania
Additional Comments:  happily married to Hugh for 46 years, 3 children, 2 grandchildren
Cynthia '39  USA
Kamila '72  POL
Hanni '44  GER
Lucy '36  USA
Marie C '47  FRA
Lies '34  NED
Jori '28  NED
Doreen '68  GER
Penelope (P*) '35  USA
Helma '35  USA
Raisa '46  RUS

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Jean '41  AUS

Eve '32 USA

Rozi '32  HUN
Ernie W '19  GER
Lynette '41  AUS
Kate '41  USA
Laurette '34  USA
Mirka '45  GER
Margaretha '41  NED
Karen M '67  GER
Antje '37  GER
Sal '29  USA
Lucy '36 USA
Almut '38  GER
Anke '62,GER

Linda B '52   IRL

Marjorie '29  USA
 Katja (cox)  GER
Helga '60 GER

EditP '70  HUN

Carolina '64  GER

Rikke '75 DEN

Cate '62 USA

Emese '74  HUN

ChristelM (cox)  GER

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Valerie Williams '41 GBR
died Dec 15, 1998
Ernie Bayer '09  USA
died Sept 10, 2006
Letty le Fevbre '16 FRA
date of death unknown
Marie-Claire Barnier '40  FRA
died June 3, 2009
Annelise Hem '35 NOR
died Dec 13, 2010

Winnie Rich '38  USA
died July 5, 2012

Renata Gostynska '22 POL
died Oct 6, 2012
Gertrud Zint '17  USA
died Oct 31, 2013
Heidemarie Schefer '42  GER
died May 2, 2014
Mary Ruddell '48  USA, cox
died Dec 21, 2014
Waltraud Kuenzler '42 SUI
died Aug 2014
Eva Velesikova '42 CZE
died June 27, 2015
Liz Stone '27  USA
died April 29, 2016

Joey Peter '47, cox, NY

died Nov 3, 2016


Rod Johnson '28  USA
died Dec 2009

Julije Borosa '32 CRO

died July 18, 2013

Jack Sholl '25 USA

died spring of 2014

Gerhard Meuer '47 GER

died Jan 15, 2016