Bios and Vignettes


updated  Nov 4
Stephanie '52   WA, USA
Place of Birth:  New Jersey
Language:  English
Rowed since:  1993
Rows: on Green Lake, Lake Washington, Lake Union (Seattle, WA)
Rowing Activities:  Captain of Green Lake Sculling Crew since 2000
Current Competitive Sports:  rowing
Current Sports & Activities: rowing, running, biking, weight lifting
Past Competitive Sports:  running, bicycle races, triathlon, duathlon
Past Sports Achievements:  2002 Nominee for Northwest Rower or Crew of the Year; overall winner at 2006 Delta Deas Doubles Championships, BC, Canada; 3 golds & one bronze in 2005 Edmonton World Masters Games; one gold,one silver,one bronze in 1998 World Masters Games; overall winner in half-marathon, duathlon and running races; 1990 State Bicycle Time Trial Champion (set two time trial course records and then broke her own record the following year); many age group golds, silvers & bronze medals in running races & triathlons; 30 golds  plus many silvers & bronzes at various US Masters;; many Northwest Regional Championships;
Hobbies: cooking, long walks with my Yorkshire Terrior "Abby"
Anne L. '52   IRL
Place of Birth:  England
Languages:  English
Rowed:  for 5 years in the '80's, then started again in 2000
Rows: on  River Lagan, a 3 mile tidal stretch kept at constant height by a weir (Belfast B.C.) 
Current Competitive Sport: rowing
Previous Sports:  squash, running, Scuba diving
Past Sports Achievements:  cross country senior and then veteran athlete for N. Ireland; eight marathons and one ulta marathon (57K);  British civil service marathon champion in 1982;  British indoor rowing record holder (50+ lightweight)for a short period; British vet champion in D2- (with Linda); successful at 2006 EuroMasters
Hobbies:  gardening, theatre, reading
Travel:  Soouth Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Transkei, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Turkey, USA
Additional Comments:  married, 3 children

Gisela ´63   GER

Place of Birth:   Frankfurt, Deutschland

Languages:   deutsch, some englisch

Rowed since:  1979

Rows: auf dem Main bei Offenbach/Frankfurt

Competitive Sports:  Rudern

Past Sports Achievements: gold in mixC4x & silver in mixB2x at 2004 German Masters; '81-'87 im Landeskader; Siege im 4x auf Internationalen Pruefungsregatten ('81/'82); Landesmeister im LG 1x ('83); Landesmeister im LG 2x ('84); in '85, Landesmeister im 4x & LG 2x, 2. Platz im LG 2x bei DM; gold im LG 2x auf der internationalen Pruefungsregatta & Landesmeister im 4x & LG 2x ('86); 5. Platz im LG 4- bei DM ('87); viele Siege bei nationalen Regatten ('79-'89)

Past Competitive Sports: Triathlon, Schwimmen, Leichtathletik, Reiten

Outdoor Recreational Activities:  Laufen, Radfahren, Skifahren

Hobbies:  ihre Kinder, Garten, lesen

Travel:  Europa, USA, Thailand, Bali

Sharon, aka "Skittles" '59   OH, USA
Place of Birth:  Pennsylvania, USA
Languages:  English
Rowed since:  1978 (started at West Virginia University)
Rows:  on the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio
Rowing Club Activities:  President of the adult rowing program in Cleveland (WRRA); Women's High School Head Coach
Competitive Sports:  rowing
Past Sports Achievements:  gold (WC8+) at 2002 US Masters; gold (C1x) at 2004 Royal Canadian Henley; silver (light C1x) at 2004 US Masters; gold (light C1x) at 2005 US Masters; 1 gold & 1 bronze at 2007 US Masters; gold (C1x) at 2006 Royal Canadian Henley
Hobbies:  playing with her 3 dogs (Annie, Katie, Maggie), golf, running
Travel:  Singapore, Germany, France, Wales, Scotland, Yugoslavia (all over), Venice, Rome, Prague, Canada, Egypt
Veronika '67  AUT
Place of Birth:  Klosterneuburg (near Vienna), Austria
Languages:  German, English
Rows since:  1981
Rows on:  Alte Donau in Kuchelau (port basin in the north of Vienna)
Competitive Sports:  currently it is rowing, casually other sports (running....)
Past Sports Achievements:  Junior World Championships (1984 - 2x; 1985 - 1x; bronze medal); Match des Seniors (U23 WM: 1987 - 2x, 5th; 1989 - 1x, 4th); numerous national regattas (mostly open class);
Other Sports:  sports like biking, running, skating, cross-country skiing, windsurfing, snowboarding, alpine touring, paddling
Other interests:  the natural sciences and enjoys her job (educating young chemists in biochemistry and microbiology)
Travel:  presently prefers Greece for windsurfing, Austria
Laura H '60   NH, USA
Place of Birth:  Seattle, Washington
Languages:   English,  French (tout petit peu!)
Rowing since:  1980
Rows on:    on the Oyster River in Durham,.NH (Great Bay Rowing)
Rowing Club Activities:  Rowing Director, coach
Current Competitive Sports:  rowing
Past Competitive Achievements:  gold in 4+ at 1981 Collegiate Nationals; gold in club 4+ at 1988 Head of the Charles; medals from US Masters Nationals in 1987, 1988, 1989, 2004 and 2005; silver in C8+ and bronze in C2- at 2005 Masters World Games (Edmonton); 3rd (women's masters 4+) at 2006 New Hampshire Championships;
Outdoor Recreational Activities:  hiking, skiing, water skiing
Other Interests:  motorcycling
Travel:  USA, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Denmark, England, Scotland, Hong Kong, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Kenya
Hawley '47, cox   OH, USA
Place of Birth:  Connecticut
Languages:  English
Coxing since:  1997 (found my true calling after first year as an oarswoman!)
Home Crew:  Greater Columbus RA (Ohio), Scioto River; member Board of Trustees
Current/Past Competitive Sports:  rowing, masters swimming
Other Sports: alpine skiing (after 50+ years experience still can't quite follow son Rob off the cliffs)
Coxing Accomplishments:  at US Rowing Masters, National Championships and more; frequent competitor at HOCR and Hooch; mother of 2 coxswains. Absolutely priceless experience?  Competing against your kids!
Travel;  Germany, Spain, France, UK, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada; love road trips through he USA
Additional Comments:  raised and educated on the West Coast, aspire to "hometown" race San Diego Crew Classic; avid volunteer for women's organizations and political campaigns; still working as molecular biologist for pharmaceutical company, married 30 years to Tony Young whose most vigorous exercise is creating and recording great guitar riffs
Nancy S '50   CAN
Place of Birth:  Long Island, NY, USA
Language:   English
Rowed since:  1972
Rows:  on the Henley Course in St. Catharines (Ridley BC)
Current Competitive Sport:  rowing
Past Sports Achievements:  1975-1980 on US National Teams (8+ and 4+) to World Championships and 1976 Olympics (silver in 4+ in 1978); 1st & 2nd place in US National 8+ at Lucerne 1980
Rowing Related Activities:  announcer at Worlds 1992-1994 & 1999, 1996 Olympics; coaching: 1985 to present: club, high school & national team; Canadian  Lightweight Women 1986, 1989 1990, 1992, 1994;  Canadian Jr. Team 1995 and 2000; Canadian Pan Am Games & Canadian Lightweight Women 1999  
Outdoor Recreational Activities:  skiing
Hobbies:  travel.
Travel:  Switzerland (school for 1 year),  Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, England, Greece, Russia, Egypt, Austria, New Zealand, Kenya, India, Hong Kong, Belize, USA, Canada
Special Comment:  had by-pass surgery August 2005
Evelyn '56   OR, USA
Place of Birth:  USA
Languages:  English, German
Rowed since:  1980
Rows on:  ?
Past Sports Achievements:  stroke of US National Team 4x 1985-1987; competed & won many medals at FISA Masters, Canadian Nationals, Head of the Charles, Head of the Schuylkill, US Masters, NW Regionals & numerous other regattas;
Rowing Activities:  owner of River Place Rowing Center ; sculling coach
Hobbies: ?
Travel:  ?
Additional Comments:  personal trainer; married and has two stepsons
Annie '48 (& cox)   FRA
Place of Birth:  Lille, France
Languages:  French, English, German
Rowed since:  1963 (started in Lille) on the Seine (Port Marly RC)
Rows: on the Seine River (RC Port-Marly)
Past Sports Achievements: 1967 bronze in 1x at Berlin; 1968 National Team "Espoir",  1970 French Champion in senior 4x; 1976, '77 and '78 one bronze and two silver medals in Elite 4x at French Championships; 3rd in WC2x at 2006 French Veterans Championships; 3rd (W50-59 light) at 2006 & 2007  French Open Concept2;
Outdoor Recreational Activities: cross-country skiing (formerly alpine skiing); hiking in the Alps; cycling near and on Mont Ventoux; cliff climbing, scuba diving; 2006 Rallye due Canal du Midi (500 km rowing tour)
Other Sports & Activities: running, swimming; former tennis player; now plays golf; dancing (jazz & afro) twice a week for the past 13 years
Hobbies: opera, concerts, theatre, ballet, exhibitions
Travel: Germany, UK, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Cameroun (for dancing), Zanskar and Ladakh (trekking), Morocco (golfing), Egypt, Polynesia, Isla de Pasqua/Chile (scuba diving), Malta, French West Indies, Mauritius (snorkeling), Yemen, Algeria, Namibia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, USA, Quebec, Madeira, Canary Islands, Hungary
Greatest Joy:  visiting the grandchildren (2 in Germany and 2 in Tahiti)
Additional Comments:  married since 1970
Special Comment:  besides being a successful rower, Annie is also a regular cox for the Port Marly mens veterans and has now started coxing for Masters International

KatrinG '78  USA

Emma (cox) '84 GBR

Jeanine (cox) '60 USA

Dominique '63  FRA
Marika '70 FIN
Ania '51  POL
Andrea W '49  GER
SarahA (cox)  GBR
SarahC '78  GBR

Margarita '57  USA

Gerda '82 AUT

Fusae '36 JPN 

Armelle '68  FRA

Janne '46  NOR
Liudmyla '38  UKR
Maryla '60  POL

Julia '86  GER

AnnaG '71  DEN
KathrinF '81  GER
Noriko '4 JPN

KatrinH '75  GER

Birgit '52  DEN

Anne Mette '54  DEN
Kim '64  USA
Susanna '59  GBR
KatrinM2 '61  GER

Beth '47  AUS

Harriet '44,  USA
Frances '50  CAN
Barbara J '67  GER

Mies '45  NED

ConnieJ  '65  GER

Erika '73 AUT

JuttaL  '69  GER

MereteBu '46 DEN

Marianne'48  NED

VitaA '65  LAT

SarahM '85  GER

AnkeZ '62 GER

Anne-Marie  FRA