Bios and Vignettes


updated  Dec 30
Anne B '58  USA
Place of Birth:  Meriden, CT
Languages:  English (ein bisschen deutsch, un peu francais)
Rowed since:  1973
Rows:  on the Housatonic River in Oxford, CT (New Haven RC)
Current Competitive Sports:  rowing, running occasionally
Past Rowing Achievements:  started rowing in high school: bronze medalist high school NWRA Nationals;  rowed in college:  3x Eastern Sprints Gold Medalist, National Collegiate Champions NWRA 1979; National Team ('77, '78, '79, '82, '83); Olympic Training Team 1980 & 1984; 1991 HOCR Women's Single Champion; most recent accomplishment: bronze in mother-daughter 2x at 2005 Masters Nationals; very successful at FISA Masters Regattas
Hobbies:  gardening
Travel:  lived in Germany for 3 years; travel extensively
Special Interests:  competing, enjoying life, watching the kids grow up
Marie H '50   USA
Place of Birth:  Boston, MA
Rowed since:  1984
Rows:  on the Charles River, Boston
Current Competitive Sports:  rowing, swimming
Past Sports Achievements:  1990 US lightweight team - 2x (older than the coaches!); 4 Catalina to Marina Del Ray Crossings (35 miles), winning 3 times; winner of most open water races in California 1985-1990; one hammer at the CrashBs; HOCR single: 3 times 3rd place and 1 time 2nd place; stroke of winning eights in many Crew Classics, Head of the Gorge and Head of the a Lake;  10 Lake Tahoe crossings with relay team; 2 golds in 5K road races
Hobbies:  anything to do with the water; reading; figuring out what financiers are up to!
Edit '67   HUN/USA
Place of Birth:  Budapest, Hungary; moved to the USA in 1994
Languages:  Hungarian, English
Rowing since: 1979
Rows:  on Indian Lake (Denville, NJ)
Competitive sports:  rowing, indoor rowing
Other sports: running, cross-country skiing, Spinning, yoga, gymnastics
Rowing-Related Activities: 1991-1994 member of the FISA Athletes Commission
Past Sports Achievements: 1982-1994 Hungarian National Team member; won 34 medals (18 of them Gold) at Hungarian National Championships; Junior World Championships (5th in 4x in 1983 at Vichy; 2nd in 2x in 1985 at Brandenburg); World Championships: (5th in 4x in 1987 at Copenhagen; 7th in 2x in 1989 at Bled, 9th in 2x in 1991 at Vienna); Universiade (9th in 1x in 1987 at Zagreb); Olympics (1988 Seoul,1992 Barcelona); Indoor World Championships:    (2nd in 1998, 4th in 2007);
Hobbies: reading, puzzles, Internet games, crafts, running 5 and 10km road races
Travel: Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Check Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Germany, Italy, France, England, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Seoul, USA, Canada, Mexico
Paula '34  CAN
Place of birth:  Voorburg, the Netherlands
Languages:  English, Dutch, some French and German
Rowing:  started in College from 1953-1956 in Wageningen, the Netherlands; rowed sporadically in between until coming to Victoria, B.C. in 1992
Rows: on Elk Lake, Victoria City, B.C. (the venue for many Canadian Masters Regattas)
Competitive sport:  Rowing
Past Sports Achievements:  many medals of various color over the years, mostly in Canadian Masters and local regattas; 3 Golds and 1 Bronze at 2005 Edmonton World Masters Games
Outdoor recreation:  long distance hiking (mostly in Europe but also New Zealand and Australia)
Hobbies:  hiking, gardening, bridge
Travel:  Europe, New Zealand, Australia
Judy D '42   USA
Place of Birth:  Duluth, USA
Languages:  English (American)
Rowed since: 1997, started masters competition in 2002
Rows: on Mackay Lake, Soldotna, Alaska
Competitive Sports:  rowing
Past Competitive Sports:  skiing, running
Past Sports Achievements:  silver in 4+ at 2001 World Masters Games, AUS; gold in 4x at 2005 World Masters Games, Edmonton; silver in 2x at 2006 US Masters, Seattle; gold in Grand Masters 8+ at 2007 HOCR; three golds from HOCR (two 8's and 4+);
Travel:  Scandinavia, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, Western Pacific
Hobbies: gardening, skiing, grandchildren
Other:  live part time in Bend, OR as a snowbird to be close to children and grandchildren; being grateful for the many opportunities that have come my way....
Penny '42   USA
Place of Birth:  New Jersey, USA
Language:  English
Rowing since:  2003
Rows on:  Norwalk River, CT
Current Competitive Sport:  rowing
Past Sports Achievements:  gold at 2008 US Masters Nationals;  successful head races:  HOCR, Derby, Housatonic, Riverfront, Schuylkill;
Other Sports & Outdoor Activities:  biking, hiking, skiing
Travel:  Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Caribbean, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Canada, Alaska
Special Interests & Hobbies:  commercial organic vegetable farm, screenwriting, photography, 7 children, 6 grandchildren
Additional Comments:  40 years in advertising.  Woman of the Year. Numerous awards. 
MaryJane (MJ) '46  USA
Place of Birth:  Ithaca, NY
Language:  English
Rowed since:  1990
Rows:  on Dillon Reservoir (Summit County, CO)
Rowing Club Activities:  founding member of Fox Valley RC, Apppleton, WI;  FVRC "Learn to Row" volunteer assistant coach; current member of Frisco Bay RC, Frisco, CO
Competitive Sports:  rowing, Nordic skiing
Past Sports Achievements:  completed 10 American Birkebeiner Ski Marathons (50K); rowed in 7 HOCR regattas; '96 US Masters: silver in WD-J2x; '98 Nike World Masters Games: silver in mixE2x: '98 US Masters: bronze in WD1x; '99 US Masters: silver in WD1x & mixE2x, gold in WD-E4x, bronze in WD2x; 2000 US Masters: silver in Lt WD2x, bronze in WD1x; '01 US Masters: gold in lt WD-I2x & Lt. WE-F1x, silver in mixE2x; '03 US Masters:  gold in Lt WE-H2x, silver in WE2x, bronze in WD2x and mixF2x; '05 Edmonton World Masters Games: gold in WE4x, silver in WE2x;
Outdoor Recreational Activities:  Nordic and alpine skiing; mountain biking; hiking
Travel:  Antarctica, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, France, Germany, Italy, Scotland, Spain
Special Interests:  volunteer work as a board member for a land trust (private, non-profit organization preserving open space and natural lands) and a music festival (increasing performing arts education opportunities for children)
Patty '41  USA
Place of Birth:  California
Languages:  English, a tiny bit of Spanish and French
Rowed since:  1997
Rows:  on Lexington Reservoir
Rowing Club Activities:  past president, currently Outreach Coordinator (both at Los Gatos Rowing Club)
Past Sports Achievements:   rowed HOCR 6 times in eights (1 Gold & 1 Silver); SDCC 7 times; US Masters Nationals:  WE8 gold, WE4 gold (2000); successful at FISA Masters Regattas; Gold in Indoor Rowing competition; rowed "the Cut" on Opening Day in Seattle; many medals in regional rowing regattas
Other Sports & Activities:  synchronized swim team; fencing; lifeguard; Waterfront Director for Campfire Girls camp
Special Interests & Other Activities:  currently Arts Commissioner for City of San Jose, CA;  Chair, Public Art Committee;  sat on boards for History San Jose, LGRC;  Accreditation Site visitor for Interior Design Programs in USA & Canada;  sang in a girl band in high school;
Hobbies:  artist: painting & sculpture;  like to dance
Travel:  half of USA states; Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, England, Wales, China, Italy, France, Belgium, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Scotland
Things that make me laugh:  my 8 grandchildren and my husband of 45 years
Barbara H '45  USA
Place of Birth:  Mt. Holly, NJ
Languages:  English, Spanish, Italian
Rowed since:  2007
Rows:  on Carnegie Lake for Carnegie Lake Rowing Association (CLRA)
Current Competitive Sports:  rowing, indoor rowing
Rowing Achievements:  CRASH-B Indoor World Rowing Championships: silver in 2011, bronze in 2012 and silver in 2013; nine medals at US Masters Championships, including gold in WG1x, WH2x and Club WC4+ in 2013;  competed at Head of the
Charles 2008-13 in sweep and sculling, finishing 5th in Women's 65+ single in 2012 and 2013; 4 first places at Philadelphia's Independence Day Regatta;  7 medals (3 golds) at Head of the Schuylkill;  wins at Schuylkill Navy Regatta, King's Head, Diamond State, Head of the Christina and Carnegie Lake Regatta;
Hobbies:  cooking, quilting, reading, language study
Travels:  Mexico, Spain, Morocco, Ecuador, France, Canada, Italy
Additional Comments:  retired from teaching since 2008; married to Spurge since 1996; has a son, daughter and 2 grandchildren

Jan '40  USA

Place of Birth:  ?

Languages:  English

Rowed since:  1995

Rows:  on Carnegie Lake in NJ;  Lake Union and Lake Washington in Seattle, WA

Current Competitive Sports:  rowing

Past Competitive Sports:  running. tennis

Rowing Achievements:  W1x at Head of the Charles 2001-2014, placing 1 to 8;  gold in W1x, W2x, W4x, light W1x, light W4x at 2013 US Masters Nationals

Hobbies:  yoga, gardening, painting in water colors; an active grandmother to 2 great grand kids

Jackie S '54  CA, USA
Place of Birth: New York City, NY
Languages:  Enlish
Rowing since:  2000
Rows on:  Lake Natoma
Current Competitive Sports:  rowing
Past Competitive Achievements:  bronze in 2x at 2010 & 2011 Head of the Charles; medals from US Masters Nationals; first places in San Diego Crew Classic club and age group eights; CRASH-B qualifier 2011, 2012, 2013; cycled in international level state races; competed in track (miler)
Outdoor Recreational Activities:  hiking, cycling, swimming, x-country skiing
Other interests:  Electrical Engineer; Amateur Lepidopterist, reading
Travel: Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, Israel, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, England, Ireland
Catherine '53  USA
Place of Birth:  Pittsburgh, PA  USA
Languages:  English, French, Spanish
Rowed :  sweep since 2009, sculling since 2010
Rows: on Connecticut River in Essex (Pettipaug Yacht Club) and on Charles River in Boston out of Community rowing and Weld Boathouse (Harvard)
Current Competitive Sports:  rowing
Past Sports Achievements: silver at 2014 Head of the Charles; 4th place at 2014 Silverskiff; silver at 2013 Silverskiff; silver at 2013 Head of the Charles; played competitive sports during high school and college; provincially ranked squash player in Quebec into my early 40s
Other Sports: bicycling, yoga, inline skating, Nordic skiing
Hobbies:  walks with my dogs int he countryside near my winter home in Guatemala
Travel:  exchange student in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), lived over a year in Italy, 3 years in London, 20 years in Montreal; now lives 1/2 year (in the winter) in Guatemala; traveled in India, Turkey, Greece, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Zaire (now Congo), Russia, China, Costa Rica, Mexico,
Honduras, Belize
Additional Comments:  discovered rowing at age 57! In 2012, after 2 years of illness when I could do no exercise at all, had to have a total left hip replacement. After hard rehab, came back in 2013 to place second in the 60-64 category at HOC, a moment that meant more to me than just the medal:  I had overcome one of the most difficult experiences in life and rowing helped me back to life. Three sons. A busy career as an artist creating large scale public art work all over North America (
Diane '62  USA
Place of Birth:  Ithaca, NY
Languages:  English, studied French, German and Italian
Rowed: 1980-82 Rutgers University; returned to rowing in 2005, racing in 2007; learned to scull in 2008
Rows: on the Tennessee River (Rocket City RC, Huntsville)
Rowing Accomplishments:  Since returning to racing, earned an average of 21-23 medals a year beginning in 2009;  8 medals (incl 4 golds) at US Masters 2010-2013;  Head of the Hooch gold medals: WAA-D light 1x (2011), Women's Masters 4+, cox of Men's Masters 4+ (2012); 
Other Rowing Activities:  rowed on 21 bodies of water in 14 states; rowed on the Danube, Rhine and Mosel Rivers in Germany; Vogalonga in 2012
Past Competitive Sports:  marathon runner 1985-1992;  cycling team of Rochester Institute of Technology 1985-86;  canoe racing 1983-85
Other Sport Activities:  skydiving, scuba diving
Hobbies: everything outdoors, photography, bird watching
Travel:  lived in Switzerland for 3 months (1983); lived in Haiti for 5 months (1985-86); Canada, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Austria, Belize, Mexico, Spain, US Virgin Islands, Honduras, Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, Australia
Comments:  her favorite place to race in the US is the Schuylkill River; can scull, sweep (either side), cox and row lightweight
Amy '49   CO, USA
Place of Birth:   USA
Language:  English
Rowed since:  1995
Club and Rowing Activities:  Past President of Rocky Mountain RC, founder of Denver BC,  USRowing Masters Committee
Current Competitive Sports:  rowing, triathlon, Nordic skiing, cycling
Past Sports Achievements:  First Place Woman 50+ in Salomon Series (Nordic Event); American Cycling Assn: Women's 55+  2nd   'Best All Around Rider' ; several 1st and 2nd at various triathlons in 2006;
Travel:  Australia, France, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic, UK, Mexico
Karin T. '36  USA
Place of Birth:  London, Great Britain
Language:  English
Rowed since:  1998
Rows: on the Schuylkill River, Philadelphia (Bachelors BC)
Rowing Club Activities:  Co-chair Social/Membership Committee 2000-2004
Competitive Sports:  rowing, endurance 100-mile horse racing
Past Sports Achievements: participated in many of  the Philadelphia regattas where she has collected several medals (mainly in the single) over the past 6 years;
Outdoor Recreational Activities:  cross-country skiing, horseback riding
Travel:  Tibet, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, USSR, France, Spain, Mexico, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Canada, Virgin Islands, Belize, Jamaica,
Judy K. '39  USA
Place of Birth:  Cleveland, Ohio 
Language:  English
Rowed since:  1995
Rows: on the Schuylkill River (Vesper B.C.)
Rowing Club Activities:  on Board of Directors for 6 years, Membership Director
Current Competitive Sports:  rowing
Other Sports:  aerobics
Past Sports Achievements:  1st place 2000 Erg Rodeo, 1st place 2005 US Masters Nationals, 1st place (4x)  Head of the Charles 2002; 1st place (2x)  Head of the Schuylkill 2004;
Leadership positions:  current Membership Director of Masters Rowing Association. 
Travel:  Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, Italy, 12 times to California.  Last year she flew over 38,000 miles. She tries to row wherever she travels!
Additional comments:  formerly a violin teacher in the Philadelphia public schools
Ann C '54   USA
Place of Birth:  Peoria, IL
Languages:  English, a little bit of German
Rowed since:  2006
Rows:   on Middle Branch (Chesapeake Bay)
Competitive Sports:   rowing
Past Competitive Sports:  track (HS, University),  tennis (HS, University....competed until 2006);  numerous championship medals & trophies
Rowing activities:  one of three founding parents of Baltimore RC's Junior program; Junior rowing coach; Chairperson/Crew Mom for Syracuse U food tent
Rowing Achievements:  golds at Baltimore Burn ('06, '07, '08); golds at Charm City Sprints ('06, '09, '10); gold in 2x at '09 Three Rivers; silver in '08 & gold in '09 at Stonewall; gold at Wye Island (multiple years); gold at Occoquan in '08 and '09; gold in 1x at '09 Capital Sprints; gold in 8+ at '09 Diamond States; gold in 8+ and 1x at '09 Kings Head; silver in mother/daughter 2x at '09 US Masters; gold in mother/daughter 2x at '09 Independence Day Regatta; 3 golds & a silver at '10 US Masters (8+, 4+, mother/daughter 2x); golds in 1x at '10 Baltimore Charm, '10 Independence Day and '10 Christina Head; silver in 1x at Occoquan Sprints
Outdoor Recreational Activities:  skiing, cycling
Hobbies:  baking, making preserves, cross-stitching, reading, entering baking contests (Pillsbury Pie, Land-o-Lakes, Fleischmann's Yeast, etc)
Travel:  all around USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Slovenia
Additional Comments:  married with 2 children; daughter Annie (Syracuse U) is a Junior Champion and Club National Champion in 1x
Special Interests:  chairperson of Strawberry Festival for Boy Scouts
Sue T-H  '56  USA
Place of Birth:  Hartford, CT
Languages:  English
Rowed since:  1971
Rows:  on the erg now; formerly on the Schuylkill
Former Competitive Sports:  rowing, some swimming
Past Rowing Achievements:  rowed in high school, college, then Vesper BC;  various national medals;  U.S. National Team (1977-1981) -  bronze medals in 1979 (8+) and 1981 (4+);  U.S. 1980 Olympic Team (US boycott);  medaled at 1998 Nike Worlds and 2003 (?) US Masters; Gold and Silver at 2009 US Masters with MI
Special Interests:  watching my kids compete in soccer and lacrosse (no rowers!)
Marie J & Ann J '54   USA
Place of Birth:  Havertown, PA
Language:  English
Rowed since:  1971
Row:  on Schuylkill River (Vesper BC)
Past Sports Achievements:  
(Marie)  numerous national championships: member of U.S. National Team in 1973, 1974, 1975 and 1977; member of 1976 U.S.Olympic Team; 2 golds at 2009 US Masters with MI
(Ann)  numerous national championships, member of U.S. National Team in 1973 and 1975; member of 1976 U.S. Olympic Team; 2 golds and 1 silver at 2009 US Masters with MI
Other Sports & Activities:
(Marie)  biking, Pilates, 18th Century Reenactment
(Ann)  swimming, life guarding, biking, kayaking, has done some competitive body building;
Comments:  twins of rowing parents, mother was a founding member of the Philadelphia Girls Rowing Club, four older brothers were also accomplished rowers
Additional Comments:  to be able to continue rowing at the masters level with women and men we rowed with in the 70's is an honor and great fun
Marilyn '53   USA
Place of Birth:  Johnson City, NY
Language:  English
Rowed since:  1999
Rows:  on the Susquehanna River (Hiawatha Island BC)
Rowing Club Activities:  HIBC Board Member for 3 years. Junior Girls crew Coach; sculling coach; volunteer at Head of the Charles
Current Competitive Sports:  rowing; marathon running
Past Sports & Activities:  high school sports (track, basketball, softball)
Past Sports Achievements:  (since age 45:) has completed 9 Marathons; 3rd in lightweight division at 2000 Crash-B Sprints; 1st Place in 1x and 3rd Place in mix2x at 2005 Head-of-the-Schuylkill Regatta; 1st Place in W4+ at 2004 HOSR; 3rd Place in 1x at 2004 and 2005 US Masters Nationals; 2nd Place in D2x (with Anne S.) at 2005 US Masters Nationals; 1st Place in 1x at 2005 Head of the Potomac; bronze (WD1x) and silver (WD2x) at 2006 Royal Canadian Henley; 
Outdoor Recreational Activities:  kayaking, hiking (some day wants to climb a big mountain!)
Hobbies:  reading
Travel:  USA and Canada (likes to travel and see new places)
Special Interests:  church volunteer activities; also interested in music, in which husband and daughter Kaitlyn are very active
Additional Comments:  married to very supportive husband Rob, who doesn't mind her time on the river; has 3 daughters, a son, 3 grandchildren
Anne S-C '50   USA
Place of Birth:  Cleveland, Ohio
Language:  English
Rowed since:  1997
Rows:  on Rivanna Reservoir, in Charlottesville, Virginia
Current Competitive Sports:  rowing
Past Sports Achievements:  golds & silvers at several US Masters Nationals;; gold (W50-59 1x) at 2006 Occoquan Challenge; gold (WE1x) and silver (WD2x) at 2006 Royal Canadian Henley; successful at 2006 FISA Masters; 4 golds at 2007 US Masters Nationals; 3rd in Masters 2x at 2007 Head of the Charles
Other Sports & Activities:  in winter, cross trains with swimming and erging
Hobbies:  gardening
Louise H '37  CAN
Place of Birth:  Ottawa, Canada
Language:  English
Rowing since:  1998
Rows:  on the Henley course in St. Catharines
Other Sports/Activities:  biking, walking
Rowing-related Activities:  licensed RCA umpire
Past Sports Achievements:  gold at 2008 Canadian Henley; various silver and bronze medals at Canadian regattas & US Masters
Travel:  UK, France, Canada, USA
Additional Comments: mostly sculling but happy to sweep - ANY boat is a fun boat! Love to row - not to erg!
Judy G '53   USA
Place of Birth:  New York, NY
Languages:  English, a little French and German
Rowed since:  1972
Rows:  on Big Hosmer Pond in Craftsbury, VT
Current Competitive Sports:  rowing, running, Nordic skiing, biathlon
Past Sports Achievements:  National Team member '76-'84; several national championships; numerous victories in the 1x at the Head of the Charles; numerous victories at the Green Mountain Head; bronze (W45-541x) at 2006 Green Mountain Head; silver (W50-59 1x) at 2006 Head of the Charles; gold (W50-59) at 2007 Head of the Charles;
Outdoor Recreational Activities:  trail running, roller skiing
Hobbies:  baking bread, gardening (but the weeds are winning!)
Travel:  all around New England in the winter for the kids' x-c ski races and trips around the US for the kids' nationals in skiing and rowing.
Special Interests: helping to run the local Nordic ski and biathlon clubs; school board; early education; current chair of New England Nordic Ski Association
Carlie '57   USA
Place of Birth:  Greenwich, CT
Languages:  English, French, a little German (fading rapidly!)
Rowed since:  1976
Rows on:  Lake Iroquois, Lamoille River, and Craftsbury (all in Northern VT)
Competitive Sports:  rowing, Nordic skiing
Other Sports:  bicycling, swimming, kayaking
Past Sports Achievements:  1980 Olympic Team (USA boycotted), 1984 Olympic Team (silver medal in 1x), US National Teams 1981-83, several 1st-3rd place finishes at Head of the Charles over past 30 years (mostly 2x in early years, lately in 1980 Eight), some National titles in 2x with sister Judy
Hobbies:  knitting, cooking
Travel: long bicycling trips
Pren '47,  cox   USA       "AM COX WILL TRAVEL"
Place of Birth:  Boston 
Languages:  English,  Spanish
Coxed since:  1961
Rowing Club:  affiliated with Saugatuck RC
Competitive Sports:   rowing, hockey
Past Sports Achievements:   a successful cox at FISA Masters, US Masters, Regional Sprints and Head Races;
Outdoor Recreational Activities:  sailing, boating, diving, hockey, skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, biking
Hobbies:  reading, gardening, Symphony, boats, cooking & baking, Border Collies
Travel:  "The Seven Seas"
Dislikes:  losing to Joey (tee-hee)!
SueH  '52  USA
Place of Birth:  Port Townsend, Washington
Languages:  English, passable German '69 exchange student in Hamburg; '72-'73 Univ of Goettingen), some Spanish
Rowed since: 1973...'73-'75 at Univ of Calif, Santa Barbara; '75-'76 first US Women's rowing camp at Harvard; '75-'78 College BC and then Vesper BC; 'retired" '78 for career & family; returned 2007 to masters rowing
Rows: on Lake Natoma with Sacramento State Aquatic Center
Current Competitive Sports:  rowing, sprint triathlons, open water rowing
Past Sports Achievements:  '76 Olympic 2-; '77 US 4+; National Champs 8+, 4+, 2-; many HOCR wins in 8+; 3 CRASH-B hammers in 3 races; several Indoor World and US records in 1K, 2K and 5K (heavy & light); multiple wins in Sprint Triathlons; won occasional reunion races including San Diego Crew Classic (1987, 1993)
Outdoor Activities:  backpacking, bike touring, Boy Scout outdoor activities (because John has been Scoutmasters for 20 years)
Other activities:  hosting many parties for our social groups and family
Comments:  married my Vesper rowing coach John (who also rows) in 1978. Two children.
Kris '6 USA

Laura S-A '54  USA

AnneS '54  USA

SusanB '63  USA

Claudia '51  USA

Grace '63  USA

Rachel A '58  USA

Helen '45  USA

JillG '48 USA

Grace '47  USA

KarenH '46 USA

Margie '43  USA

Mary C-B '38  USA

Alexis '54  USA

DianaM '50  CAN


JoanP '64  USA

Wendy '67 (cox)  USA

JohnH '51 (cox)  USA

Olwen '70  USA